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The Season Of Pitta…

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 Summer Time is governed by Pitta, which is the energy in all of us that is governed by the principles and characteristics of Fire. All of our classes are designed to support what season we are in. Please read about Pitta and some highlighted classes on our schedule!

If you are of high Pitta constitution, you’ll be drawn to hot classes like a bee to honey. But remember that hot yoga, Vinyasa flow classes and traditional Ashtanga are styles best practiced in moderation.

The often A-type-ish Pitta person likes nothing more then working hard and reaping the benefits in business, their relationship, or in physical activity. Pitta tends to be of a strong and agile build and they like to move and sweat. To balance the challenge of the challenge with cooling calmness and to keep from over extending your limits, consider switching your Hot Yoga shorts for comfy casual wear and a Restorative or Yin style class once or twice per week. Forward bends and twists in particular are beneficial for Pitta as they are cooling and have a refreshing and rejuvenating effect on the blood and lymphatic system, thus allowing for optimal oxygen-blood exchange that is perfect for releasing built-up heat and tension from the midsection, while also fueling the mind.


“In Restorative yoga, you don’t DO yoga. The Yoga works on you.” – Laura McCorry
Join us on Sunday afternoons at 4:30 for a Gentle/Restorative class accessible to all.
Restorative yoga is slow, beginner-friendly, and a great introduction to meditation techniques. You will learn how to quiet the mind by first quieting the body. While not a true Restorative class because we include gentle movement and stretching in the beginning, Laura McCorry’s Sunday Restorative at 4:30pm will leave you feeling relaxed and ready to start the week fresh.
“I feel so grateful to share the joys and benefits of yoga through teaching. I did my yoga teacher training on the west coast six years ago and it set me on the path of knowledge, of enormous personal growth, and of real and lasting connection with others. I strive to provide an atmosphere of peace and a sense of community in every class I teach.” – Laura McCorry
Tuesday Morning Yin Yoga 9:00- 10:15  a.m.
with Charlotte
Has summer already got you on the go?! Come and join me, Christine, on  Wednesdays at 4:30-5:30  for some cool and collective yin yoga with meditation!!
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