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New Wall Yoga Classes with Kim Start this week…

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Class size is limited to 12!  Pre-Registration Highly Recommended!
This class will use the therapeutic prop of the Yoga Wall, using it to do a series of postures designed to stretch, strengthen and stabilize the body from head to toe. From restorative inversions to advanced postures, we can find a fuller experience in our bodies while utilizing the strength of the wall. We will take advantage of the wall to refine our alignment and better let go of our particular resistance; mental and physical. We will always move slowly, mindfully and remind ourselves to expand & incorporate our breath.  Lessons learned on the wall will also be compared to and applied to our practice on the mat.
This class is a well rounded hour of therapy, sure to leave you feeling renewed, calm, yet uplifted…and about a quarter inch longer!
Beginner yogis are very welcome but please don’t let this be the first yoga class you’ve ever taken.

For more about The Yoga Wall visit http://www.yogawall.com/


Yoga Wall - hip openers

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