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Meet Us Monday with Sarah McCall

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 We’ve had to say a lot of goodbyes lately but we are sure glad to be able to add in a hello to our newest Yoga Instructor- Sarah McCall! She is worth getting to know. She is a Norfolk native who earned her RYT 200 through Atma Bodha Yoga in 2012. She has taught yoga in local studios for the last three years, though she’s been practicing since she discovered yoga personally in 2000. In addition to teaching yoga, Sarah can be found serving people food and drinks, biking around Ghent, and walking her dog Hank. She is currently an MFA candidate in poetry at Old Dominion University.
1.  Why do you teach yoga?
Because if I didn’t, I’d be way more nutty than I already am!  No, but seriously–I teach to remind myself that everything changes, nothing is permanent–the only constant is the true self within each of us–and I think that’s the biggest lesson to learn, and relearn, and relearn…I teach to foster the deepest sense of acceptance for myself and those around me that I can.
2.  What is your favorite color?
Definitely orange!  The fiery, bright shades of orange!  But lately I love to pair it with deep teal and turquoise.
smIMG_62613. What always makes you laugh?
My dog, my partner Tommy, and my own goofy path in life.  I try to laugh at my trip-ups as often as I can.  Otherwise, I just let it get too serious.
4.  What is your most challenging asana and why?
Hmmmmm…..it’s probably agnistambhasana (fire log pose), because my hips have become pretty tough to work with these days…..but also savasana!  I just want to practice savasana all day, but complete relaxation is one of my biggest challenges.
5. What is something no one here knows about you?
No one?  I don’t know!  I usually spill a lot of my guts around.  But maybe that I don’t have a middle name. That’s a silly one.
6. Crops or Leggings?
Crops!  But honestly I’d rather wear sweatpants more than anything!IMG_6799
7. Toilet paper roll: Over or Under?
Oh my gosh!  OVER.  This is a genuine deal breaker.  No kidding.
8. Describe your classes in 3 words.
Calm.  Strong.  Open.


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