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We've got another yoga sister in the family named, Laura!

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Enjoy getting to know Laura M. (we’ve got two Lauras now!) – we sure have enjoyed it!  Laura has moved here just recently from San Diego and is fitting in quite nicely to our little family!  She’s jumped right in taking classes whenever she can to meet all of you and is subbing A LOT this summer while some of our other teachers take their summer breaks.

In addition to our questions, you can read a blog post by Laura that she wrote back in May about what yoga looks like to her.  Check it out here at Yoga One!

1. Why do you teach yoga?

Every body moves in a unique way. We come in all different sizes and shapes and have different emotional and physical histories that leave impressions and scars. I love helping my students better understand their own bodies and how to find the best alignment for where they are right now. When you feel better in your body, you start to feel better in your mind and then in your spirit – yoga is a unique practice that works on all three at once.

2. What is your favorite color? Green, the color of hope and new life

3. What always makes you laugh?

I’m a sucker for the half-hour sitcom, no matter how cheesy or contrived (although witty always garners bonus points). New Girl, Modern Family, Parks & Rec…

4. What is your most challenging asana and why?

I’ve been struggling with a long-term foot injury that’s about 90% healed, so many asanas have become challenging; especially balancing like tree pose. This injury has brought a lot of humility to my practice but it has also made me more mindful and caring with my body.

5. What is something no one here knows about you?

Almost everything! I just moved to Norfolk from San Diego, CA but I’m from northern Virginia and I’m so happy to be back in my home state.

6. Crops or Leggings? Both! And shorts too, please.

7. Toilet paper roll: Over or Under? Over.

8. Describe your classes in 3 words. Centering, Restorative, Light-hearted

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