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Meet Us Monday with Laura Carraway

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Laura is a graduate of recent 200 hour teaching training program with Anna Pittman. Her laughter is contagious and her heart SO big!  You can find her subbing classes and taking class right next to you.  As a full-time mom with a full-time career, she creates a warm and encouraging environment in her classes that leave you smiling from the inside out!

1.  Why do you teach yoga?
In my personal journey I had hit a time in my life when stress ruled many aspects of my life and I seemed to be just moving from day to day not truly aware of all of the love and wonder that surrounded me.  Yoga provided the space, the people and time that woke me up to my life and ever since I have had a tremendous desire to share that energy with others.  In my heart I know that each of you are really amazing people and my intention is to teach in a way that allows people to realize that for themselves. We are all just walking each other home and yoga is a fabulous vehicle to catch the ride.
2.  What is your favorite color?
Green, especially kelly green10255570_10152112546539087_6623638509526203469_n
3. What always makes you laugh?
My son Landon, he is always ready with hugs and a good laugh when I need one.  Plus kids say the most hilarious things without really even trying.
4.  What is your most challenging asana and why?
I always find Warrior I really challenging, my ankles are tight and my hips just do not seem to want to move in that way.
5. What is something no one here knows about you?  
Growing up I wanted to be a backup dancer for Janet Jackson and a Fly girl on In Living Color, this girl loves to dance.
6. Crops or Leggings?
Both, usually depends on either the weather or what is actually clean when class is calling.
7. Toilet paper roll: Over or Under?
Under, if my boys put it over I usually try to keep it that way but it always finds it way to back to under with me.
8. Describe your classes in 3 words.
Accessible, Playful, Calming


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