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Meet Us Monday with Anne-Marie Vaughan

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Meet our spunky, smart and sassy Anne-Marie and discover why we all love her! She has many talents but who knew she could also hula hoop!!!  Her classes will make you work hard but also give you plenty of modifications for accessibility to the poses.  Find out why she inspires us to try and do more- from dancing to stand up paddle boarding!  Who knows maybe some day we can convince her to teach a hula hoop class too?!

1. Why do you teach yoga?
it’s fun! when i started teacher training i actually did not intend to teach, but as we went along during the TT process i learned that i really enjoyed sharing the journey of life through yoga. and i truly learn something new each time the students and i share time on the mat.

2. What is your favorite color?
blue – especially the blue of the first light in the morning560944_4073434121808_381448712_n

3. What always makes you laugh?
my dogs, potty humor (especially farts), austin powers movies

4. What is your most challenging asana and why?
anything involving lengthened hamstrings b/c mine are NOT long naturally
most bound poses get me as well
asana practice is definitely a balance to my lifting weight tightness

5. What is something no one here knows about you?
i was once part of a hula hoop dance team in middle school – SO FUN!





6. Crops or Leggings?
99.9% of the time it’s shorts to practice in – pants to teach in

7. Toilet paper roll: Over or Under?
is this even a real question? OVER! And I will change any unders i see.

8. Describe your classes in 3 words.
engage – inspire – laugh

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