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New Tuesday Night Yoga With New Teacher Kate Baldwin starting October 10th ~ Workshop with Anna Pittman!!!

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New Yoga Class with Kate Baldwin Starting Tuesday October 26th ~ Welcome Kate…

Designed to free the body and clear the mind, this 75 minute flow class blends the elements of yin, yang, and yoga philosophy to offer a well-rounded and mindful yoga experience. Each class will include an hour of breath-centered asana followed by a luminous meditation experience. All levels welcome.



Kate Baldwin has been teaching yoga since 2006. Although she has studied with many teachers all across the country, her most influential teachers have been Steve Ross, Saul David Raye, are Leslie Kaminoff. Her teaching style blends strength with grace revealing a practical yet powerful fusion of western movement and eastern principals. She is always evolving as a teacher, weaving in new insights and inspirations, so classes are never the same. Kate also teaches and performs improv, so students can expect a lighthearted and fun approach to yoga while also honoring the heart and philosophy of the practice. In addition to teaching, Kate has dedicated much of her energy toward her community through the creation of yoga festivals in both Hawaii and Virginia. She also runs her own online yoga philosophy school, Yoga Revolutionaries, and she was recruited to spearhead the Wanderlust Teacher Training program in Hawaii. Kate was also featured in the Yoga and Surf Documentary, Beyond the Surface. 
Opening The Radiant Heart
With Anna Pittman PHD
Saturday October 28th
9:30 to 12:30 and 1:45 to 5:00
$125.00The Radiant Heart experience is designed to
facilitate the emergence of the naturally radiant
and unconditional heart. Anna’s approach invites
you to align with a relaxed and open focus through which
Awareness is discovered. This invites you to connect and engage
with your inner life in just the way we wish to engage in the outer life;
with tender care and presence.This work is offered in a workshop or retreat setting.
Expect to experience inquiries, meditation and
group connection that helps you sustain your
open and unconditioned heart!

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