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Breathwork and Meditation Series Starting on Monday March 27th at 9:30 a.m.

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Mondays 9:30-11:00 a.m.
Breath work and Meditation Series
facilitated by Gabrielle Gerard-Jenks
$80.00 reserves all 4 weeks
**March 27th , April 3rd, 24th and May 1st
Breathwork and Meditation combines a progressive sequence of contemplative breath work practices, with meditation.
*Pre-Register with Gabrielle @ gabriellegerard@thespaceabove.com
Barratt Breathwork®
We offer a meditative approach to the breath that focuses on cultivating mindfulness of the more subtle qualities of the breath. It is not about mastering a breath technique; rather, it is about cultivating a relationship of receptivity and openness with the breath’s natural movements. In learning how to allow and not force the breath, we create an environment of “presence” that awakens the transformative healing power of the breath. This approach to working with the breath has the potential to facilitate physical health and well-being and is also a dynamic tool for deep personal transformation and spiritual growth.
Gabrielle has been studying with Kathleen and the Barratt Breath Institute since 1993 ~ She is a master teacher and facilitator of and for the Institute. Kathleen will be teaching a Professional Training Course here at the Space Above ~ Details to come ~ www.barrattbreathinstitute.com
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