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Breathe: Your gateway to higher consciousness and healing May 20th-21st

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Barratt Breathwork Professional Skills Training

Taught By Kathleen Barratt and Gabrielle Gerard

For Self Development and for Professional Skills ~ Register


This introductory course is designed to teach specific practices of Barratt Breathwork rather than the entire Barratt Breathwork System. Informal lectures, partner work and class discussions provide the experiential framework for learning how to guide a restorative breath practice. Emphasis is on developing personal and professional skills in the foundational practices of Restorative Breathwork®. This continuing education program complements and integrates well with a wide variety of mind/body systems and is appropriate for both laypeople and professionals in various healing and self-development fields.

Class Topics Include:

  • General overview of Barratt Breathwork and its many applications
  • Awakening the innate intelligence of the breath
  • Opening to stillness, the practice of systematic relaxation
  • The art of undoing, a yin approach to unraveling tensions in the breath
  • Guidelines for facilitating a restorative breath practice
  • Essential keys to integrating resting phases in a breath session
  • Restorative breath practices to manage stress, reduce anxiety and enhance restorative sleep
  • Presence as a primary healing tool
  • Guidelines for guiding a stillness meditation

WHEN: May 20, 2017 – May 21, 2017

WHERE: The Space Above, Norfolk Virginia

COST: $395

For more information contact Gabrielle at gabriellegerard@thespaceabove.com or call 757-409-2041

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