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Bon Voyage Vanessa~We’ll miss you!

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Vanessa Fleming’s Goodbye~
Two years ago, I set an intention. After years of living an unfulfilled life, I set out on a journey. And on that journey, I found joy, love, happiness. I knew that I had found a path.
To help with that path, my parents were amazing people and let me move back home, to Norfolk, VA. With serious reservation and confusion, I reluctantly moved back home, at the age of 34. In a town that I hadn’t lived in for 17 years, I had to basically start all over. It wasn’t easy. Despite having grown up here, most of my friends had moved away as well. And even though I had spent the better part of a year in foreign lands, this place felt the most foreign of them all.
So that’s when I started going to The Space Above with a bit more frequency. It was the first studio in Norfolk that I had practiced at when I was home for visits. And all the wonderful teachers made me feel welcome. And when the opportunity came for me to teach, I started to feel more settled, more at ease. I had found a community of friends, and a group of smart, wonderful teachers to share this journey with, and a group of dedicated yogis that are so strong, sweet, and just…wonderful.
I had become happy in my little hometown. Little did I know that the intention I set two years ago was working its magic in the background. And then, just like that, an opportunity to live out my dreams came true. I’m going to teach an International retreat in a beautiful island in Croatia. And then a second opportunity came up. And now, possibly a third one. (Both of these details are still being worked out…stay tuned).
And then it all became bittersweet. I cried. I cried tears of joy, and then I cried for sadness. I have this home, and all of you that have opened your arms and welcomed me…I am forever grateful.
Thank you for allowing me to find the space to flourish, providing me with love and support along the way over this past year. (I can’t believe it’s been a year!)
 I would say, I am not leaving. I’m carrying you with me as I go on this extended life journey. As I move forward, you’ll be there in my heart, as the base of how I got to that new place.
I’ll be updating my Social Media pretty regularly with my experiences! If you want to follow along!
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Till then, may you find beauty and joy in all things you do, may you continue to spread the love and open hearts, and may you continue to flourish on your own journey.
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